A Map of the Edge


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1969. Southern California.

For fifteen-year-old Rick Leibnitz, the whole world is on the horizon —just out of reach. Abandoned by his mother to the care of his abusive father, he quashes his dreams in favor of survival. But when an attempt to protect a friend goes wrong, Rick lands in juvie. Emerging from his incarceration, he finds an unlikely ally.

Free spirited teenager Lincoln Ellard is on a mission to expand the minds of all he meets. When the discovery of a dirty secret gives Rick the leverage he needs to leave his childhood home for good, Linc offers him a new path. A small drug supply goes a long way to providing the boys with the means for sex, psychedelics, music, philosophy, and friendship.

But even as the steady stream of free love and mind-altering experiences opens their eyes to new perspectives, Rick and Linc remain blind to the dangers of their trade. Until it’s too late.

With their teenage dreams in tatters, history looks set to repeat itself — unless Rick can find freedom in starting over.

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