Earthly Vessels


All cultures have a legend of a Chosen One, a Messiah, a golden child who will be born to redeem them. But thirty-something Arby Keeling is not that guy, and Earthly Vessels is not that story.

Through a mix-up in the great metaphysical switchboard of the universe, Arby is the one called down into incarnation instead of the long-awaited hero. When his existence becomes known, he finds himself hunted by some who fear he has come to usurp their powers, and sought by others who wish to enlist him as an ally. Tumbled through a series of confrontations and confusions, he gradually learns the myriad ways the physical world interlocks with the more subtle planes of existence.

The story’s setting hops between New York City, the Middle East, London, Rome, Scotland, New Mexico, Oregon, and Belize. The tale is told in part by an intrusive, digressive, omniscient (but possibly unreliable) narrator, who leaps into the flow of the narrative at unpredictable—and sometimes seemingly inappropriate—moments.

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